Non-commercial ($9.95)

The Non-commercial license allows you to use the drum track you’ve purchased from for typical non-commercial use such as recording and showcasing your
songs on social networks or your site for free. The drum track must be a part of a song and
shall not be featured by itself. You are not allowed to receive any kind of compensation for
licensing, selling, or distributing the song.

Commercial ($49.95)

The commerical license allows you to use a song with a specific drum track you’ve
purchased commercially, including licensing, selling and distributing your song. However,
you may not feature or sell the drum track by itself.

Exclusive ($149.95)

The exclusive license provides you the full ownership of the drum track. When you purchase
an exclusive license, we will automatically remove the track from our drum tracks database
and nobody else would be able to download this drum track from us. You’ll have all the
privileges to sell the drum track as a stand-alone drum track and use it in any way you want.