Make freedom, take freedom/ The Recreationists
You know how we can find a way
To make our lives complete
We'll even hide when no one seeks
The ocean needs the water
The forest needs the trees
But when you're lying they believe
You got away

We stay and float along
We're trying every day
Keep trying to hold on
But everyone around takes it away

You may understand how promises don't keep
Try to hold on to beliefs
Th truth a singularity
But no one truly sees

I only want to be sure your feet are on the ground
The concrete and the pavement will always be around
The road is filled with memories
Let all your thoughts get drowned, washed away, hey, hey

About this song:
Sometimes the drum is a story but you don't like the ending. So you end it. Then we took it slow.

Make freedom, take freedom

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This song was recorded using: Back Then.
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