Stick and Move/ BK Fox Productions
Stick & Move - BK Fox Productions 5/29/2011

Ev'ry day I
climb in to the ring;
never knowin'
what this day will bring.
Gotta keep on
holdin' the phone.
Gotta find a way to win,
'til that
lucky lady
shows her face again.
Gotta swim without gettin' wet.

Gotta stick and move;
stick and move.
Gotta keep on
swingin' and bangin',
no more ropin' the dope again.

Gotta stick and move;
stick and move.
Gotta keep on
bringin' the crunch,
I'll have ya ridin' the punch again.

Now the clock is gettin' thin.
I feel it tickin';
tickin' away again.
I'm not journeyman's
tomato can.
Gotta bring that count to ten,
Can't let the cornerman
stand him back again.
Don't wanna settle for a TKO.

About this song:
Decided to turn up the testosterone a notch for this one.

Aptly named "The End", I thought this drum track was gonna kill me. Of course it's a great drum track (as always), but from the beginning it felt like I was caught in a fist fight, so the boxing theme was a natural.

Special thanks to Mr. George Foreman for his gentle words of encouragement in this track.

Stick and Move

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This song was recorded using: The End.
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